Virtual Office Terms & Conditions

  1. Arrangement --Work Hive SLC shall provide coworking studio space and all attached amenities for use by signer on a monthly basis.
  2. Membership Rate: Monthly membership rate shall be paid on a monthly basis unless otherwise negotiated.
  3. Membership cancellation: Thirty days notice required for all membership cancellations.
  4. Limitation of Liability -- Work Hive holds liability insurance for the studio space and furnishings. No liability is implied for any belongings or equipment owned by members.
  5. Payment Schedule- Monthly memberships shall be charged on the same day each month.
  6. Pricing -- Members will be notified of any price changes at least 90 days before those changes occur.


Locking up: Last one out at the end of the work day must check to see that all doors are locked before leaving.

Keys: Keys must be returned on the last day of membership.

Conference Room Use: Conference room use is subject to availability.

Respectful Studio Behavior: Please be considerate of others in your use of the studio.

Cobot Terms & Conditions

Cobot is the web platform used by Work Hive to provide this website.

See Cobot Terms